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Posted in January 2012

A Sigh of Relief

It’s been a while. But I have a reason.


They’re finally over for me (at least till April) and it’s been a nerve
wrecking two weeks. Coffee and insomnia have been my closest companions along
with a very confused overview of
Aerodynamics. Anyway, that’s all over now. I’m going to look forward to the
finer things in life, like finishing a massive report due for my minor.

Jokes aside, it’s great to finally be able to play my guitar
or read a book without feeling a tinge of guilt and that little voice that says
‘Study!’. There are a lot of things to look forward to: a new quarter, meeting
friends for extended periods again, a completely revamped work ethic (hahaha), cooking something other than pasta, and who knows, maybe even visiting another country. Maybe I’m getting too ahead
of myself, but hey, exams are over. And for the rest of my friends who still
might have some exams left, it’s only three more days. Good luck! 🙂 

I’m going to be writing regularly again.
But for now, I’m going to get back to the life of the late Steve Jobs.


 Steve Jobs’ Biography (too mainstream?)


Tot Later!

Coming Home- Part 2

So here’s the second and final part of the blog-post ‘Coming
Home- Part 1

The forty hour train ride surprisingly went off without any major hiccups.
Sure, the train was delayed multiple times and it we changed seats maybe six
times within that journey, but overall it was actually quite fun. Arriving in
Goa on the 24th evening, Christmas Eve, was a little anti-climatic
but it was great to see my parents after four months.

Goodbye Delhi (The train was actually moving at this time) 

To be honest, I can’t really chronologically sequence all the events of the
following ten days in my mind. But they went something like this:
We hiked to Anjuna Beach, a beach famous for its weekly Wednesday flea market
and beach clubs that play psychedelic trance (not my favourite genre).
We went to Arambol Beach, known for being kind of secluded and also for a
freshwater lake right opposite the sea. Another beach we visited, Aswim, was
similar (minus the lake).


The boys are back (the start of our walk to Anjuna)                                                    At Arambol beach

During the nights we would go to the beach and walk around, sit at a shack and
have a few drinks, talk and then head home when we were tired. Nightclubs and
parties are plenty in Goa, but we weren’t really up for heavy partying and
basically just ‘hung-out’.  And hanging
out usually meant having long conversations about pretty much everything,
ranging from how to hold a drumstick properly to what the correct colour of
fried calamari should be.

I’m finally getting over the Goa hangover and it’s been great. I’d like to
thank my friends (Bhanu, Angad, Sahaj, Handa and Jayeta..for you are my friend
too!) for being there and making the trip, umm, trippy. I’d also like to thank
my parents for being quite cool with dealing with five guys and one girl and
the mess they drag along with them, especially the girl 🙂

Finally, I’d like to thank Goa for not having changed much over the last twenty
years….. who am I kidding, It’s a completely different place now. But somehow
it still manages to capture me.

For now, I’m going to hit the books, First exams on Monday, eish!

Tot later!



Exaaaaams. Soon

Oh Delft- rain, cold and the lovely grey skies.
I’m back in Delft, after a great holiday. My holiday experiences will be
running on a parallel blog. As for now, I’m sitting in the library trying to
study for the upcoming exams. Things are getting heated already. Exams are to
weeks away and as usual its already hard to find a place to sit in the library.

So, as a dedicated third year aerospace engineering student, I have four exams
to give this time around, all of them resits. That’s one thing quite common
with bachelor aerospace students, resits. The good thing about the TU Delft is
that even though studying here can be quite hard, there are always resits so
you can pace out your degree according to your level of difficulty. This works
out quite well since not everyone finishes the bachelor’s degree in the allotted
three years. I’m looking at four. Which is not that bad compared to my American
counterpart who anyway take four years minimum to finish a bachelor’s degree.

Coming Home- Part 1

This has to be one of the saddest blogs I’m writing. No, no
one died. No one sustained any major injuries. It’s just that I’m back from an
awesome but way too short vacation, the sad part being that I’m back.

I’ll start with the journey back. It was the 20th
of December and I was quite excited. My roommate and good friend Antanas was
nice enough to accompany me to the airport, Schiphol. And yes even among the giddiness
of going back home I was looking out for the baggage handling system. It was my
first time flying out of Schiphol. It was nice. We ended up going to the
terrace from where we could see a number of aircrafts flying in and out on the
runway. It was quite windy and cold but it was worth it. Then after a coffee
and a goodbye I was off to New Delhi. The flight was on time and everything
went according to plan. I was to fly via London and I was a little unnerved by
the Terminal 5 of the London Heathrow airport. It was quite a mammoth
foundation but empty as well. I couldn’t sleep on the airplane obviously but a
few good movies kept me company. Then I landed home!


Antanas freezing his family jewels off at Schiphol 


I’m late for my flight! (At Schiphol airport) 

At the New Delhi airport I couldn’t really stay long and
wander around at the duty free stores since, well, my girlfriend was waiting
for me just outside. And we all know how waiting girlfriends can get. So I got
out, met her, and took a cab home. We then immediately went to get my dual
citizenship (Germany and India) processed, but as with everything else with the
Indian bureaucratic system, there was a technical problem and I guess I’ll have
to wait till the next time I go home to get that done.
The next night, still in Delhi, after visiting my girlfriend’s parents (with
one scared mother who wasn’t too keen on letting her daughter go to Goa with a
bunch of rowdy boys) we met my other friends. One of whom had graciously gotten
us on the guest list to an electro jazz gig in one of the hip new bars in town.
After that and then doing some last minute ‘supply shopping’ for our journey we
slept for an hour, till we had to wake up and make our way to the train station
for the beginning of an amazing journey. A forty hour train ride to Goa.
I’m going to take leave here, since my whole two week experience back home is
too short to fit in one blog. So stay tuned!

As for now, I’m gonna try and pull myself together to study
for the dreaded exams which are inching closer every day.

Tot later

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